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Rental of indicators and sale of their program codes, signals for buying and selling cryptocurrency, program codes of trading robots, TBT tokens.

Indicators for trading
HHLL current
HHLL upper
Market manipulation
Trend strength
Zero line
Trend line
Big Money

Signals to buy and sell cryptocurrency
Signals for buying and selling cryptocurrency from the TBT trading robot - here we enter, here we exit, here we make a profit, here we go at a loss. That's all.

Trading robots
The TBT trading robot has no fear, no shame, no conscience and does not have a headache. He trades day and night, in heat and cold, in the Maldives and behind a lathe. He has no plans for the future and no ambitions for the years he spent aimlessly...

Tokens TBT
Trading Bot Token


The indicators, signals, robots and tokens presented on my website do not give any hope for your quick or not so quick enrichment! I do not recommend taking the information on the site as a call to action or financial advice!

Before purchasing a token signal code or renting an indicator, before making this important decision, do your own analysis and consult with your financial advisor, wife/husband, therapist or other professional who helps you make decisions.

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