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I became closely “acquainted” with cryptocurrency and exchanges long before Mozart, well-known in certain circles, traded “angles of attack of trends” and other “rock paintings” on the charts.

And already in 2012, I headed one of the few groups of programmers working (according to a clear and understandable technical specification) to create bots for cross-trading cryptocurrency on exchanges.

I have excellent experience working with program codes and those who create them (programmers, testers, admins, etc.), excellent results in trading and excellent psychological health. In short, I live and enjoy myself ;)

Why am I doing all this

Firstly, this whole story with stock trading is exclusively “about money”. There is an opportunity to make money by selling indicators, signals, bot codes, tokens and consultations. Only business and nothing personal. Even if I gave something to someone, it means that some kind of gestalt was not closed, which means I needed it.

Secondly, each person sees price charts differently. I perfectly see breaks in the market structure, distinguish between trends and corrective movements, I can mark cycles according to Wyckoff logic and waves according to Elliott, and so on (triangles, pennants, wedges, double and triple tops).

But, there are quite a large number of patterns and strategies with a fairly significant percentage of repetition, which I am simply physically unable to cover (calculate and transfer into program code), I simply do not have enough time.

So, my final goal is to create a closed community of like-minded people, with the help of whom (thanks to their observations and reviews) I can develop and create the most effective trading strategy for myself and, of course, for community members. And further according to plan...

Well, in general, I just like my job.

Development plan for the coming years

The order and year of execution do not matter to me at all. Who needs it urgently - welcome with money. Already completed tasks are highlighted in bold text.

  • 2023
    • Calculation of zero bar parameters for cryptocurrency trading.
    • Calculation of zero bar parameters for exchange trading of currency pairs, commodity futures, indices and stocks.
    • Creating a token.
    • Creation of an entire group of indicators for currency pairs, commodity futures and stocks (for the Tradingview platform).
    • Launch of sending signals to buy and sell cryptocurrency.
    • Copy trading on the Bybit cryptocurrency exchange.
    • Reprogramming two groups of indicators for use on the MetaTrader 5 platform.
    • Creation of a single computing center for processing the calculation results of all groups of indicators.
    • Data synchronization for further processing and transmission of information to the trading robot server.
  • 2024
    • Test launch and connection of the trading robot to exchanges.
    • Start connecting to a fully automatic trading robot.
  • 2025
    • Creation of a unified electronic database of strategies, concepts and patterns.
    • Connection to the main module of the robot, semi-automatic trading mode — creating an indicator based on a trading bot. Or maybe earlier than 25)
  • 2027
    • Creation of a platform for collecting, analyzing and outputting data.
  • 2030
    • Creation of an exchange (a mechanism for exchanging some assets for others for a profit) for trading (cryptocurrency, stocks, indices - it doesn’t matter what, let’s see what will live and attract my attention at this moment).
  • 2037
    • Sitting on an iceberg to drink coffee and fry kebabs with cognac.
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