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Cryptocurrency trading training

In many ways, the stock, commodity futures, forex and cryptocurrency markets are similar to each other, but each has its own specifics. I know how they work and work, but I prefer the cryptocurrency market.

I warn you right away! Trading is psychology! Out of a thousand people, only two have a chance to become traders in this lifetime. The rest have a lot of “cockroaches in their heads” - alas, they are doomed, I don’t mean cockroaches.

At best, they will forget about this whole nightmare as just another bad dream. At worst,  They will join the sect of the “hamsters” and will continue to create new liquidity on the exchanges and bring grief to their families.

Think and decide - can you cope with yourself?!

In all trainings, not just trading, in all, the situation is the same: “It’s like crazy, whoever put on the robe first is the doctor. In this case, I’m the doctor.”
Free lessons
Free means you read and draw conclusions. Got it - great! If you don’t understand anything at all, then it makes no sense for you to study from me for money - the same context, only the size of the information is to the tenth power and with voice acting performed by me. If you understood and misunderstood, welcome to the next section.

Paid training
Paid means for money. First, read the previous section, then study how much it costs (mine is practically the highest price on the market), evaluate your psychological capabilities, then your material ones, and only after that apply. I do not teach how to use “trading” (trading view), how to set a limit order on the stock exchange and other “beginnings”.

All the most interesting things are inside.